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Aidol HK Stain
Decorative, liquid wood preservative stain for use outdoors

Range of use

  • HK Stain is used for coating clad-ding, fences, gates, pergolas, garden pavilions, roof eaves, ga-bles, facades, etc.

Property profile

  • This stain preservative is used to protect timber without ground con-tact in outdoor areas correspond-ing to service classes 2 and 3 in accordance with EN 335-1 or DIN 68800-1 against soft rot and blue stain. It also protects the wood from wetness and sun. The stain does not flake or peel. A higher solid content prevents gnawing by wasps. The coating also contains a film preservative to protect the film from microbial infestation, e.g. mould and algae.