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Intumescent Coat
Insulation layer forming, flame retardant for solid wood and wooden building materials, flame resis-tant according to DIN 4102-B1

Range of use

  • Remmers Intumescent Coat can be used in interior areas (e.g. roof structures, wall and ceiling facings) in schools, restaurants, hospitals, private homes and businesses, etc. It is not suitable for exterior use or indoors when there is con-tinuously high relative humidity (above 70 %) or when subjected to mechanical loads (doors, window, floors, furniture, etc.). This flame retardant can be applied to: ▪ solid wood 12 mm thick
  • ▪ flat pressed chipboard accord-ing to EN 312-1 and EN 312-5 12 mm thick, also with veneer if a thermoset glue as been used
  • ▪ Plywood veneer board for con-struction purposes according to EN 315 BFU 100 and BFU 100 G 12 mm thick.