Product catalogue

Fine Render
Mineral surface filler, fine render and reinforcement mortar

Range of use

  • Remmers Fine Render is used as a surface and smoothing filler on mineral substrates and undercoat renders in indoor and outdoor areas
  • For repairing facades, plinths and interior wall surfaces in new and old buildings and heritage buildings
  • For the production of fine, closed render surfaces that are ready for painting or wall paper
  • For repairing cracks with bedded reinforcement fabric and covered with a layer of Fine Render
  • As a smooth, fine render coating for Remmers Bonding Mortar when repairing facades

Property profile

  • Remmers Fine Render is a factory-mixed, fine-grain, mortar
  • Very smooth, easy to work and can be felted
  • Stable, high yielding and strong adhesion
  • For single layers from 2 to 5 mm thick
  • Water repelling, highly water vapour permeable
  • Resistant to water, weather and frost