Product catalogue

Aidol LT Stain
Solvent based, medium solid stain with very good UV protection for wood in outdoor areas.

Range of use

  • LT Stain UV is used for decorative treatment of soft and hardwood, e.g. wood siding, wood facing, wood panels, garden furniture, windows, doors, etc. It can also be used for coloured subsequent treatment of load-bearing and reinforcing wood building elements that have been impregnated with a wood preservative according to DIN 68 800, part 3.

Property profile

  • ■ Silk gloss ■ Very good resistance to weather ■ Soil repelling and easy to maintain ■ High UV protection, also for light shades of colour and clear UV+ ■ Excellent working and flow properties ■ Free of biocides and cobalt ■ Corresponds to DIN EN 71-3 “Safety for toys – Migration of certain elements”