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Protective Sealer
Solvent based, special lacquer for subsequent treatment of surfaces coated with Intumescent Coat

Range of use

  • Protective Sealer is a top coat to protect Remmers Intumescent Coat against moisture and me-chanical damage. It is recom-mended for areas in which in-creased requirements are placed on the surface, e.g. wall and ceil-ing facings in gymnasiums, bowl-ing alleys, public buildings, etc. In the case of wood structures, e.g. roof structures, Protective Sealer only needs to be used if short term relative humidity is above 70 % or short term condensation can be expected. Protective Sealer is not suitable for use in outdoor areas or in interior spaces with continuously high relative humidity (above 70 %) as well as if subjected to mechanical loads (doors, windows, floors, fur-niture, etc.).