Frequently Asked Questions

Wood is a gift of nature that should be protected. As a valuable raw material, wood should always be available to humans. With this in mind and to take action in this direction, Remmers supports all efforts to keep forests sustainable. The biological building material wood, which grows and then dies in a natural life cycle, is alive.

Remmers made it their goal early on to develop products with the help of their technical development department that give back this natural protection for wood used in construction and finishing in the form of state-of-the art coating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Remmers Wood Protection system?

Remmers Wood Protection system is a complete solution for wood which provides protection to valuable wood against Insects/Termites, UV-Rays, Moisture, fungus and weather for many years.

There are three systems recommended:

System-1 :2 Coats of Aidol HK-STAIN
System-2 :1 Coat of Aidol HK-STAIN + 2 Coats of Aidol WOOD CREAM
System-3 :1 Coat of Aidol HK-STAIN + 1 Coat of Aidol WOOD CREAM + 2 Coats of Aidol LT-STAIN

What is Aidol HK-STAIN and how does it protect the value of wood?

Aidol HK-STAIN is a solvent based wood preservative stain which impregnates into the wood and becomes a part of the wood. It provides 6 - times protection against UV–Rays, Moisture, Insects/Termites, Mould & Algae, Fungus and Blue Stain. The stain does not tear or peel. It gives matt finish to the surface.

What is Aidol Wood Cream and how does it protect the value of wood?

Aidol WOOD CREAM is world’s first unique cream for wood which spreads by itself without leaving marks and impregnates into the wood. It protects the wood from UV-Rays, Moisture, Algae and Blue Stain. The stain does not tear or peel. It gives matt finish to the surface.

How Aidol LT-STAIN protects the value of wood?

Aidol LT-STAIN is a weather resistant stain which regulates the moisture in the wood and doesn’t peel for seasons. It is moisture regulating and water repelling, formulated with lightfast and weather resistant pigments and does not peel. Aidol LT-STAIN gives semi gloss finish to the surface.

How PUR Aqua Top 1K protects the value of wood?

PUR Aqua Top 1K is a water-based transparent PU which protects the wood from yellowing. It is a single pack PU and is easy to apply.

How can we apply Remmers Wood Protection products?

Remmers Wood Protection products can be applied as follows

Aidol HK-STAIN : Brush/spray
Aidol WOOD CREAM : Brush
Aidol LT-STAIN : Brush/spray
PUR Aqua Top 1K : PU Roller

How PUR Aqua Top 1K is different from other Polyurethane products available in market?

PUR Aqua Top 1k is a single component, water-based Polyurethane product. It gives a semi gloss finish with medium hardness on complete curing. It is a ready to use product which does not require any mixing or thinning.

Can Remmers Wood protection systems be applied on old/pre-treated wood?

Yes. In case of old/pre treated wood, all the old coatings should be removed using suitable methods ensuring that pores in the wood are exposed because Remmers wood protection primer (Aidol HK-STAIN) is an impregnable product. The removal of old coating is followed by sanding/grinding.Renovation coats with Remmers wood protection products can be applied without sanding/grinding.

What are the colours available in the market?

Aidol products are available in 8 attractive colours as follows: light oak, mahogany, palisander, pine, teak, nutwood, clear and stone pine/larch in the shops near you.

What are the application areas?

Windows, window frames, doors, door frames, wooden gates, garden furniture, wooden panels, wooden walls, wooden cladding etc.

What is the application rate?

Application rate varies according to the type and condition of wood as it impregnates into the wood. Please read Product Information Sheet for more details.

What is the mark of quality awarded to these products?

Aidol Products has been awarded the quality mark "RAL Wood Preservative" after official evaluation of its effectiveness against wood pests and official evaluation of its safeness for health and the environment when used properly.

What are the pack sizes available in the market?

Aidol HK-STAIN, Aidol WOOD CREAM and Aidol LT-STAIN are available in 3 different pack sizes:

750 ml
2.5 L
5.0 L

While PUR Aqua Top 1K is available in 2 different pack sizes:

750 ml
2.5 L

Will it give protection to the wood that come in contact with water quite often?


Are they ready to use products?

Yes, All Remmers products are ready to use and can be applied by brush/roller easily.