Customer Service


Support services for our market partners, for clients, specifiers, contractors and merchants are among our most important functions. With 300 technical representatives and technical service engineers in Germany alone, we have the largest local technical support network. This is matched by our logistics strength with over 100 storage sites, so that the required material can be at any site in Germany within 24 hours.

Remmers Technical Specifications:
Experts with Back-Up

Remmers Fachplanung GmbH is a company, which arose logically from our holistic working approach. A team of specialists provide specification engineering services on the site itself. Coherent specifications can then be produced for new buildings, restoration of old buildings and heritage conservation.

The unique feature is interaction between the ultra-modern analysis on the one hand and material-based design of the concepts on the other. This can determine which products best meet the requirements and whether any modifications are necessary to resolve specific long term problems.

This Remmers company also has established relationships with the best known experts in Europe with whom to exchange ideas. Networked specialist knowledge also supports tailor-made total solutions.

Service for success in the trade

We think a close partnership with the trade is essential: It is the users who work with the products and they need security to achieve lasting quality results. We assist not only with our premium product quality but also with our support services for guaranteed success:

Technical application support: Including a help line, local support, technical and practical training.

The Remmers System Guarantee (RSG): Greater security does not exist – certified contractors and their clients are given a five or ten year warranty dependent on the product system selected and their requirements.